Jennifer Ochstein


First: Jennifer
Last: Ochstein
Bio: Jennifer Ochstein earned her MFA in Creative Writing from Ashland University in 2012. She’s published book reviews with Brevity and essays with Connotation Press, The Lindenwood Review, Evening Street Review, and Hippocampus Magazine. She’s currently at work on a memoir about her mother and teaches at Bethel College.

Jennifer's Blogs

The Inner World of Caregiving
If caregiving was a compass and sainthood was at zero degrees north, The Fifth Season would orient us due south.
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The Art of Voids
Sinor apprentices herself to O'Keeffe’s artistry. By doing so, Sinor examines the reaches of art itself, what art does, or what art should do. She pushes the stories onto the page as O'Keeffe "pushed paint on the canvas"...
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