Iris Graville


First: Iris
Last: Graville
Bio: Iris Graville holds an MFA from the Northwest Institute of Literary Arts where she serves as nonfiction editor for the programís literary magazine, Soundings Review. Her first book, Hands at Work - Portraits and Profiles of People Who Work with Their Hands, received numerous accolades, including a Nautilus Award. Irisís personal essays have been published in Spry, The First Day, SHARK REEF and Alimentum. She lives on Lopez Island, WA where she is at work on a memoir and blogs regularly at

Iris's Blogs

Red Wings
A familiar sound breaks through the morning quiet as my dog and I head out for our usual walk alongside a rocky beach and the marsh that drains into it. Without even looking up, I recognize the rhythmic thwap, thwap, thwap overhead. It’s from the main rotor blade of a helicopter, airlifting someone from the rural island where I live to an emergency room on the mainland.
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