Heather Hansman


First: Heather
Last: Hansman
Bio: Heather Hansman is a Seattle-based freelancer who writes about the intersection of people and nature for magazines like Outside and Modern Farmer. She's a member of the editorial board for The Whitefish Review, and the winner of the 2010 Thompson Award for Western Writing. You can read more of her work at www.heatherhansman.com

Heather's Blogs

Surf Check
November on the coast. Cracking cold and painfully clear. We cram 12 of us in a one-bed cabin on the Quileute reservation, not caring about personal space or what is whose. In the morning we're up as soon as the sun starts to slide its slow half-circle around the horizon. It feels like you can see to Japan if your eyelashes don't freeze shut first. We pour weak coffee, put on puffies, and scramble stiff-legged over the driftwood toward the break.
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