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First: Doug
Last: Rutledge
Bio: Doug Rutledge has a PhD in English Literature from the University of Chicago and an MFA in creative writing from Ashland University. Doug is the author of The Somali Diaspora: A Journey Away published by the University of Minnesota Press. His reviews have appeared in The Journal, Rattle, and the Asheville Poetry Review. Doug is currently a reader for the Winter Tangerine Review.

Doug's Blogs

The Nothing That Is Not There and the Nothing That Is
In Praise of Nothing is both an interesting and a frustrating book. Itís interesting in its attempt to write a postmodern memoir. Itís frustrating, however, because it does not fulfill the readerís conventional expectations of coherence and meaning. Postmodern thinkers, such as Roland Barthes, are highly skeptical of the idea of human agency and would also doubt the coherence of the self. They believe the idea that a human being who is a psychologically whole and stable person is largely fictionalized. Therefore, LeMay has written an unstable memoir.
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Art and National Identity
As her title confirms, Vigdermanís primary concern is the Parthenon. The history she offers of this culturally significant site is enlightening.
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