Deborah Nedelman


First: Deborah
Last: Nedelman
Bio: Deborah Nedelman, Ph.D. (clinical psychology) is currently an MFA student at the Northwest Institute for Literary Arts. She is co-author of 2 non-fiction books and her fiction appears in Contemporary World Literature and Persimmon Tree, Every Writer’s Resource, Writers’ Advice, WritersType, The Masters Review, and Literary Orphans. She is a certified Amherst Writers and Artists group facilitator and has lead writing workshops for experienced as well as novice writers. She believes that the best writing starts in the heart and comes out of the hand via the gut.

Deborah's Blogs

His Pockets
At four he is an earnest collector. He keeps his secrets in his pockets and leaves them for me in the laundry basket. As I unroll the cuffs of his too-long-yet pants, sand dribbles out, a clump of mud caking the cloth. Even if all is quiet, I remain cautious. Experience has taught me to turn the pant legs out to see if anything moves. Has he captured some critter and forgotten it there? Using my thumbs, I push the fabric inside out. I’m careful to do this over a container.
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