Allen M. Price


First: Allen M.
Last: Price
Bio: This story is part of the memoir Allen is writing, as he spent time working on with Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Paul Harding, and New York Times best-selling Author, Ann Hood. Excerpts appear in The Fourth River (chosen by guest editor Ira Sukrungruang), Jellyfish Review, and The Coachella Review.He has an MA in journalism from Emerson College. His fiction and nonfiction work appears or is forthcoming in Sou'wester, Cosmonauts Avenue, Gertrude Press, The Adirondack Review, Columbia Journal, The Saturday Evening Post, Muscle & Fitness, among others. An excerpt of his screenplay 'Dark Ocean Night' is forthcoming in The Coachella Review. His chapbook 'The Unintended Consequences of Haitian Reparation' appears in Hawai'i Review.

Allen M. 's Blogs

Stand Up Tall
My father turns his head, puts me on the floor, opens the screen, and walks out the back door. Just the silhouette of the bare trees shadowing night's sky is all I can see. I stand there for long minutes listening as night whispers peace.
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