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Editor's Notes, Volume 14 Number 1
It’s been an exciting stretch at River Teeth: A Journal of Nonfiction Narrative--highlighted by our inaugural national conference. For three days in May, writers gathered in Ohio from across the United States for readings, workshops, manuscript evaluations, and late-night skull sessions about the best of nonfiction writing and why facts matter.
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Harvey, Kerstetter Essays Chosen for Reprint in Best American Essays 2013
Two essays first published in River Teeth: A Journal of Nonfiction Narrative Volume 13, Number 2 will be featured in Best American Essays 2013, the long-running series published by Houghton Mifflin Books and edited by Robert Atwan. Steven Harvey's essay, "The Book of Knowledge" and Jon Kerstetter's essay, "Triage" will appear in BAE 2013, scheduled for an October 2013 release.
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"Proper Names Are Poetry in the Raw": Character Formation in Traumatic Nonfiction
...I want to rekindle our desire for the complex truth of a written life. To do so, I wish to refocus our attention to what I believe matters about nonfiction, particularly nonfiction about trauma. I would never argue that facts don’t matter in nonfiction ... Yet I hope to prove that what really counts is the tangible human presence outside the text that competes with the nonfiction character inside the text.
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Editor\'s Notes Volume 15 Number 2
...We prowl for edgy, compelling nonfiction, crafting volumes that regularly make our readers take an extra breath and blink....
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Editor's Notes, Volume 17, Number 2
It's been a busy season here at River Teeth, what with selecting Rosemary McGuire's "Out West: A Season on Water" as the new River Teeth Literary Nonfiction Prize winner from among nearly two hundred book-length entries. Then, too, we have just put our seventeenth year of the journal to bed with the final selections to issue 17.2. Each year, we receive some 2,500 submissions to the journal and another two hundred or so full-length book submissions.
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Editor's Notes, Volume 18, Number 2
Narcissism is much in the news these days, what with the present exemplar-in-chief posing almost daily reminders of the sins of self-absorption and grandiosity. Still, before we dismiss too glibly this comb-over phenomenon, we might as well admit that narcissism can be a charge leveled with some merit at memoir writing and its related nonfiction forms. Memoir or ME-Moir? Guilty or not?
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Editor's Notes 20.1
A few issues ago, this space discussed the dangers of what some have termed "me-moir": nonfictional self-absorption in an era increasingly dominated by noisy narcissism. We suggested that genuine empathy is a ready antidote and and that such other-centeredness might help us not only reach outward for our topics, but even more importantly, help to coax deeply personal stories toward genuine connection. The secret, we suggested, was...
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Editor's Notes 22.1
Sitting here at my desk on April 22, 2020, writing these words, the world as I've known it has changed. Startlingly. Like many, I am locked down, masked, wary, guarding my six-foot radius. Outside, I'm still active, but alone.
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Editor's Notes 24.1
Two giants of nonfiction literature have died since last we wrote these notes: Janet Malcolm and Joan Didion. And so we offer tribute. Simply stated, one cannot imagine nearly twenty-five years of River Teeth without their enduring influence.
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