Morning (repeat)

By Michelle Webster-Hein

January 2, 2017

Morning (repeat)

When my infant daughter wakes at two in the morning and her father cannot coax her back to sleep, she and I curl up on the mattress in the guest room below the big window, and I drift off with her tiny fingers gripping my thumb.

At dawn she sits up and stares out at the world so long and so hard that I start to wonder if she’s watching a cat, perhaps, or a deer. But I look, and it is just the morning--new again, and worthy of attention.

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You make me smile.-
Claudia Geagsn at 9:46am EST - January 2, 2017
I remember reading this when she was an infant, and it's still beautiful. Thanks for reminding me to take a new look as the new year begins.
Janet Reedy at 10:34am EST - January 2, 2017
So lovely! Thank you!
Vana Plaisance at 7:09pm EST - January 3, 2017

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